A1A Elite Dog Training’s easy-to-learn methods requires owner participation with commands that are incorporated in a dog’s daily routine. Often a simple change in a dog/human relationship can be enough to stop unwanted behaviors and establish training techniques.


We offer basic, intermediate and elite obedience training programs customized to your dog's needs.

behavior modification

We work with a variety of canine breeds to modify or decrease unwanted behavior such as aggression, separation anxiety, chewing, and more.


Housebreaking is an important step in training your dog or puppy. We provide guidelines you can follow to get your puppy on the right track.

protection training

This program trains your dog to protect your family and home. Protection training includes barking on command, alert and attack intruders, bit/release on command and protect property when left alone.

service dog training-certification

This course is specifically designed to teach dogs to become service dogs with various skills and tasks to help their special-needs owners.

in-home training

Creating an environment for success is a key component for any training. Having a trainer in your home ensures the training fits your dog’s personality as well as your goals.



Teaching dogs basic to elite obedience and more.

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